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31 October 2021

Marilyn Manson appears at YE's Sunday Service


Kanye West today (October 31) brought his Sunday Service back for a livestream event. The artist, who is now known legally as Ye, sparked controversy as the event featured Marilyn Manson ....(read full text)

Full Sunday Service featuring Marilyn Manson has been published to You Tube, however it was taken down shortly afterward. The Service run by Ye lasted 20+ minutes, with a choir singing, Justin Bieber closing prayer while camera has most of the time focused on Marilyn Manson dressed in dramatic white costume robe.

Contrary to uninformed reporter and the exaggerated reports in the article at - there was no chidren choir and no touching of foreheads, while Marilyn Manson contributed to the Event by the silent presence.



17 September 2021

Judge dismisses ex-girlfriend's lawsuit accusing Marilyn Manson

A judge in California has dismissed a lawsuit from one of Marilyn Manson's ex-girlfriends, who accused him of raping and physically abusing her during their relationship." (read full text)



28th August 2021

Marilyn Manson apperas at Kanye West "Donda" listening party

"Marilyn Manson’s voice is featured on 'Donda', and he will continue to conceptually collaborate with Ye on the 'Donda' project," a rep for Manson said (read full text)
28th July, 2021

Marilyn Manson Files to Dismiss Esme Bianco’s Lawsuit, Claims Her Allegations Are a “Coordinated Attack”

In a new motion, the veteran artist claims the accusers are “cynically and dishonestly seeking to monetize and exploit the #MeToo movement,” and “spent months plotting, workshopping and fine-tuning” their statements into “twisted tales." (read full text)




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